Timewaster Tuesday – Sunny Day Sky

OK, I am deep into writing a review for Wednesday, and GWP is off getting her nails done or something, [GWP Note: actually a Brazilian wax…ooh, ouch, yikes] so today I’m turning Triva Tuesday into Timewaster Tuesday.  Since my last timewaster was wildly popular [GWP Note: Yeah right–wildly popular *rolling eyes and laughing*], today I present to you Sunny Day Sky.  Its a game about a pig with an umbrella that lets him fly up into the sky.  He tries to get floating cherries and avoid geese, trying to successfully land on the top of cars.

What?  You think I’m kidding?  Click on the link already!!!  You’ll believe a pig can fly!

[GWP Note: Ummm…Hello! Look how I can make my pig fly! LOL]


4 Responses to “Timewaster Tuesday – Sunny Day Sky”

  1. Woman of the House Says:

    Damn you GeekMan!

  2. And my job here is done.

    (BTW, a little hint for keeping your pig flying as long as possible…start you ariel adventure with a single click. When he starts to fall, open and close his umbrella rapidly. That will give the little porker a boost and send him shooting up. Keep doing it and you can keep him aloft until time starts to run out. You can easily skim over about 30 cars at a time before needing to land.)

  3. thegeekwearsprada Says:

    My finger is tired!

  4. Woman of the House Says:

    This one wasn’t as addictive for me as the stinking spinning bubbles (thank goodness), but it was good.

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