Miscellany Monday – Heightened Thought

A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. –Robert Frost


Language is a wonderful thing. It constantly titillates my senses and is uniquely expressive—making the me feel sadness, joy, and so many more emotions. Even more so, poetry is special in this way because it uses the creative, musical arrangement of significant, exciting words to express love, despair, and additional heightened thought. Poetry is an art form that many venture to compose, yet most fail (often miserably) to reach the pinnacle of perfection.

Comics and poetry are not something that are thought of together, yet there is something about the way that artist puts the words in each panel and the balloons move from scene to scene. Think about the percentage of blank space to the percentage of art/words in each panel in relationship to blank space in poetry to the very words used. There is comfort in seeing a beautifully spaced poem on a cream page as well a well places bubble of prose in a comic book panel.

Now, combine the poetry with the illustration of a comic book artist and feel, yes feel, the poem.

R. Kikuo Johnson did this very thing. Joining forces, Johnson combined his two-colour drawings with the poem Recitative by A.E. Stallings. From the first frame of the the window in the quirky 1960s black, white, and aqua colour theme to the art deco buildings, the words and art flow together as one entity as if they are made for each other.

Each day, in this new geeky world, I find that there are things to discover and enjoy about the combination of words and pictures in comic books. Not since Miss Potter’s Peter Rabbit have I enjoyed something so much.


To read this poem in it's entirety, click the picture.

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