Fashion Friday – Iconology

What most men desire is a virgin who is a whore.” –Edward Dahlberg


I have to confess that I may say that I am new to the genre of comic books, that is not totally truthful.

As a child, I was a huge Archie fan but more specifically, I was fascinated by Betty and Veronica. I use to walk to the to the corner drug store with a pocket full of coin that I had earned from washing the dishes and dusting—spending my well earned money on a cup of vanilla ice cream at the counter, along with the latest fashion chronicle known as the Archie Comics.

The world was different then. Simple.

The mania that was the Archie Comics flowed over my Riverdale-like town and in 1968 the animated series hit the television, my father decided to finally purchase. Along with the Saturday morning cartoon came a musical group called the Archie’s and the song, “Sugar, Sugar” that went to the number one position on the Billboard chart and that is right now reverberating through my head.

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more about “The Archies intro 1969“, posted with vodpod

I was a quiet little girl and Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge were the “girls” I wanted to be like.

Betty and Veronica were rivals and best friends in a strange love triangle with red headed Archie Andrews. They were starkly different and juxtaposed to each other in femininity, not as in the contrast between black and white or virgin and whore but they did have some of those undertones, while remaining wholesome.

Betty was the blonde girl next door, a good sport, willing to help out, kind, generous, insecure as a young woman and plainly dressed. And although she was liked by Archie, he often took advantage of her kind heart. Betty was who I was.

But of course, I wanted to be Veronica. I wanted her exotic look, her raven blue/black hair, her money, and her sexiness (even though back then I didn’t really understand that what she had was sexiness). More importantly, I wanted her self-confidence.

Betty and Veronica were in fact two of my very early fashion idols—one thought of as cute and the other as beautiful. While in life I was the cute girl, I want to be the beautiful one, damn it! Writers used the fashion trends that were seen in other fashion mags and built stories around the two attempting out-dress each other. The girls went through their London phase and through the 60s were seen in tight-tight pants and of course the ever present miniskirt.

Not long after buying these comic books, did I begin to go through by closet and dresser drawers looking for ways of duplicating Veronica’s look, but alas my closet was under whelming and I had to make do with the things I could “borrow” from my mother—a yellow scarf here to go with my red dress and decided too large belt there that I attempted to make do. I even asked my mother if I could have my hair cut with bangs (not telling her why) like Veronica’s forehead fringe.

I still wish that I could achieve the impeccable status of Veronica’s hair, skirt volume, and hourglass figure.

I suppose that i just need some more hairspray, more petticoats, and a corset.


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