Timewaster Tuesday (NOT) – Scott McCloud on Comics

My Geek is deep undercover as a fashion designer and can’t possibly stop his progress in the pattern room, right now. He is in the process of designing the ultimate runway collection of geek apparel to present for the Spring, 2010 season. So…for your watching pleasure, I have posted this great video of Scott McCloud. Geeks and newbie geeks alike will know Scott for his book Understanding Comics, which I am currently reading.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

5 Responses to “Timewaster Tuesday (NOT) – Scott McCloud on Comics”

  1. Four words…sneakers with white socks!

  2. Woman of the House Says:

    Hey, don’t forget the dice case/pouch and mechanical pencils to write in the tiny boxes on character sheets. FYI – In spite of having hundreds of dice here, the Laggies all bring their own. ALWAYS! I don’t know if all gamers follow the BYO policy, but I suspect that most do.

    • My players don’t hold the superstious issues with dice. They are all using the dice that I provided for them for the game.

      And the accessory that is most often carried by my gamer geeks appears to be a bag of chips.

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