We-View Wednesday – Litko Aerosystems D&D 4E counters

With the new release of 4th Edition D&D, there suddenly became a lot of thing to keep track of on the map grid.  Characters and monsters became stunned, surprised, marked, bloodied, dominated, dazzled, cursed, poisoned, etc. all the time.  Through the course of a battle it became hard to keep track of what had happened to who and when.

Enter Litko Aerosystems and Jim’s Labto the rescue!  I had looked at the high-quality laser cut counters and bases they provided for quite a while, but I never had a game system to apply them to.  I contacted Jim at Litko and just dropped the idea in his head that some status markers for the new D&D system would be nice to have.  He responded “Funny.  I had the same idea,” and about an hour later he had prototype markers up in his Jim’s Lab section of the site.


And here we had a philosophical parting of ways.  Litko makes their markers out of high quality plastic, laser cut and etched.  They are really, really nice markers.  But he made them 1″ square markers, and I really wanted 1″ round markers.

See, it’s all about aesthetics.  I like the look of a well managed battle scene.  I am constantly having to remind my players to pick up their dice and pencils and square their characters on the battle grid.  So I was wanting this nice little round marker that would not have edges sticking out from under the 1″ bases of the character…just a band of color under the figure that would remind me “OK, he’s poisoned, you need to make a saving throw at the end of your turn.”

So Jim and I got into a little discussion about the aesthetics of the markers, and in the end, he won.  (Hey, it’s his company…)  However, he is nice enough to do custom orders, so if I wanted a custom order with round markers, he’ll do one for me (at a slight increase in cost.)  So I placed my order for the Dungeon Master’s Set…but please make them round!

They eventually showed up this week (along with some mini-red skull tokens to mark bloodied figures) and I was not disappointed at all.  They fit perfectly under the figures, and the little red tokens are excellent for keeping track of the bloodied figures.  In hindsight, I should have also got a set of grey skull tokens to mark cursed figures.  The warlock in our party tosses around curses like beads at a Mardi Gras parade.


Where's Captain America when you need him?

I would really recommend if you are a 4E player that you check out the full line up of effect tokens they have come up with.  (And get round ones.  They’re way prettier!)  Or, even if you aren’t playing 4E, but have some other game that you like pretty tokens for, you really should check out his site.  He has some really nice things on there.  I’ve been eyeing his flight stands for Wings of War for a while now.

I’m giving the Litko 4E DM’s token set and mini red skulls 4 out of 5 crits.  I’m docking them one crit because it did take a considerable time for them to get the custom tokens to me, and they should have been round by default, dammit!


2 Responses to “We-View Wednesday – Litko Aerosystems D&D 4E counters”

  1. thegeekwearsprada Says:

    Really, I need a section under your posts with a non-geek translation. LOL I have no idea what this post is about but those pieces of plastic are pretty 🙂

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