Fashion Friday – The (not so) Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.” –Oscar Wilde

It is my 8th anniversary!

Yes, you are right! It has been eight months since I began playing City of Heroes. (applause, applause, applause)

I never thought I would enjoy this game as much as I do and I NEVER thought that is would permeate my pores and my life so much, that I seen and hear CoH in every day things. People walking down the street make me think of the streets of Independence Port as they run from villains. I hear a noise and it reminds me of the sound a glowy clue item makes. I hear or read a word and I am reminded how great that would be as the name of a toon. I am obsessed. When I can’t play, I think about my powers and costume items and the things I have up for auction at Wentworths, wondering if they sold or not. I have withdrawal symptoms.

You may be asking how this post about CoH relates to Fashion Friday. Well, since day one, I have been remarking and keeping mental notes about the other heroes I see within the game and more specifically their names and costume that they wear.

Not many people think of CoH as a great game for fashion designing but I can sit for hours, if allowed, dreaming up new costumes and names to go with that toon. The design I originally made up for Cyn-ful (my main toon) took a while to perfect, but as I received tokens for new tailoring sessions and additional slots, I have revised and revised again. After all a girl, even if she is a SuperHero, can never have too many clothes. In my last alteration I even bid on demonic wings. * cough * (300,000 influence) * cough * This metamorphosis seems to be my favourite of all.

Anyway, I am going to show you The (not so) Good, The Bad, and The Ugly in fashion within Paragon City.

Today I am concentrating on several male SuperHeroes that I have encountered.

DISCLOSURE: If these toons are yours, you have to understand that this is all “in my humble opinion” and you can rebut my analysis in the comment section if you would like.

Meet Edgar Allan Bow…(ignore the fairy behind him)

2009-02-26 22:26:36

I like the name because of it’s creativity and along with the cravat and the facial pallor it definitely reminds me of a Poe-esque character, but I seem to picture this toon fighting crime and battling Devouring Earth with a pen and not a bow. The pen is mightier than the bow. Isn’t that the expression? [Edit by HerGeek:  OK, this one made me laugh.  I would totally team up with Edgar Allen Bow.  I think we should come up with a literary super-team!]

Introducing Bear Cub….

2009-02-26 21:12:55

I wonder where his mother is because every one knows the mother bear is never far away and she is the strong defender. What is the little cub going to do agains the werewolves? And, I ask, what is with that tiny head?

Queue the music…..

2009-02-26 22:27:22

And here, dancing for your pleasure is Klint who appears to be Brokeback Mountain meets The Chippendale dancers. Cyn-ful expected him to either lasso her, grind and strip to a leather g-string, or give her a lap dance.

You may have the same sort of opinions on my toon and I welcome you to find Cyn-ful in City of Heroes and grab a screenshot of her fighting or flying and post about her as well…First Amendment rights apply, but think you will find her as colour coordinated and sinful as her name states.

Happy Fashion Friday!


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