Timewaster Tuesday (not) – Girls and Video Games

Why is it that girls are not video game players?

As an educator, I often watch groups of boys and groups of girls and listen as they talk. The boys talk about music, movies, sports, games and more specifically video games and the girls talk about the same things but rarely mention video games. I often wonder, why at the same age do girls not talk about video games. I believe that it comes down to the fact that the gaming industry in the United States does not focus on the 50% of the female population because many of the gaming techs who make the games are male. How can they possibly know how to make a game geared toward the opposite set. Also when the gaming industry asks, “Why do girls not play video games?” the answer is “Girls don’t play video games.” It is a vicious circle and will only change by changing the games and getting more females to design games targeted at girls/females.

I will go into this further at another time but until then you may want to watch this video from 1998, where Brenda Laurel asks: Why are all the top-selling videogames aimed at little boys? She spent two years researching the world of girls (and shares amazing interviews and photos) to create a game that girls would love.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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