Fashion Friday – Geek Glasses

Look at Clark Kent when he’s working at the Daily Planet, he’s a reporter. He doesn’t fly through the air in his glasses and his suit. –Gene Simmons

I spent my formative years reading (a lot), playing backgammon, learning chess, and painting. My blue-collar parents had dreams for me and enrolled me in equestrian summer camps and things that would enrich my mind. I was a dork without even knowing it. My clothes and my hair didn’t didn’t display this moniker, but my soul, my glasses, and the book I always carried with me, were a good indication of my true calling in life.

As an adult, I look back fondly at those days of winning the spelling bee, every science fair that I spent months on, and the time after school when we played Pong at the corner restaurant for way too long a period of time. And when I look back, I discover I was a dork. That was the reason I didn’t really feel like I fit in anywhere.

Without that upbringing, I would not be who I am today.

Back then, I wore glasses for one reason…I needed to see and no kid had contact lenses. I wear contacts now but I wear glasses to work, as an accessory (I have 16 pair of them) and I use them to give me the illusion of greater intelligence and to be taken seriously. Some reasonably attractive females are not taken seriously, so we play the geek/dork card—glasses. Though my glasses now are quite a bit more expensive, the lenses thinner, and no longer all scratched, every time I slip on a pair, I get a warm feeling, taking back to a time of childishly nostalgia.

I often wonder why geeks are always associated with glasses. Here are my reasons.

Intellect – It is a fact that society connects glasses with wisdom and intelligence. Nature, geeks would want to be thought of as smart. Remember that an idiot can not become a level 50 tanker in City of Heroes.

Style or lack of it – Geeks don’t worry about looking fashionable or cool. Fashion is usually the last thing on their mind and you rare see a geek coming out of Neiman-Marcus overly burdened with shopping bags.

Cost – Glasses are relatively inexpensive compared to the coat of contact lenses. A year supply of contacts could cost $400 while a pair of glasses can be purchased for two-thirds of that price and the glasses could last 2 years. Geeks would save approximately $600 and put that money toward a new gaming system or a latest geek advance in technology.

Trademark – The individuals who make up the geek community, like any group, want to fit in. Without glasses they would have trouble recognizing other geeks in a crowd? LOL

If you have actually reasons why you wear glasses or if you have done actual research on this topic I would be willing to read it to gain more knowledge on the subject.

Until that time, I will go with my reasons and I will tell you to get a little geek-style in your life – wear glasses once in a while.


4 Responses to “Fashion Friday – Geek Glasses”

  1. Oddly enough, I went the opposite route in high school. I was the biggest geek in my school. I harbor no illusions about my status. But I was also the first person in my school to get contact lenses.

    I think it was because of my mom. She was an early adopter of contacts…she had her first set in 1970, and loved them. So she pushed me at an early age to get them as well.

  2. Woman of the House Says:

    Oh how I wish I had the option.

    Funny though, not too long ago during storytime, I took off my glasses to clean them. Almost simultaneously the kids said, “You look so different without your glasses.” To which I responded, “You also look very different without my glasses!” It took them a bit to catch that one. 🙂

    • thegeekwearsprada Says:

      “You also look very different without my glasses!” LOL

      The transformation that occurs when you put on or take off a pair of glasses, especially when you are known for wearing glasses or not wearing glasses, is amazing.

      There have been times when I have not worn glasses to school and have gotten many second and third looks.

  3. Woman of the House Says:

    The transformation that happens when you change frames can be dramatic too. I have two pair of glasses, one for work and one for play. While waiting for the work pair to be repaired, I wore the other to school. One child knew something was different, but the best she could come up with was that my eyes were much bigger. Out of the mouths of babes. LOL

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