Miscellany Monday – How Geeky are You?

She got the magazine on a Wednesday morning, and on Thursday announced our marriage was over.” –David Gest


How geeky am I? Using a scale from 0 to 10, I once considered myself to be a solid 2, but after looking through Geek Monthly, I found that I, in actuality, am more like a 0.75 and I have much learning to do in order to make it to that 2 level.


For a few days now, I have been perusing Geek Monthly, after receiving a copy in my weekly order of comic books from TFAW. As with any magazine I read—Coastal Living, Architectural Digest, Yachting, Martha Stewart’s Living—first I went through and looked at all the pictures. I followed that up by looking page by page at the titles of the articles. I then went through again and read the first paragraph of each article, carefully marking the page with a Post-it tag, identifying the articles I was going to read and then according to the colour of the tab prioritized what I wanted to read (red first, pink second, orange third, yellow fourth, and so on).

  • Not surprisingly the following bits and pieces were top priority:
  • The Mystery of Charles Dickens—a new book by Dan Simmons
  • Junk—which had a blurb about Sprintview, which is a device used during a NASCAR race to give the fan additional information while they are in the stands
  • Connect the Blots—an article about the newly released movie Watchmen
  • Rants—discussing the production of the Sandman movie
  • Building Character, One Great Axe at a Time—referencing the D&D Character Builder software that HerGeek reviewed last week

As I made a round of the pages, I found that the people mentioned in the publication were unknown to me—Joel McHale, Geoff Rickly, Jim Gaffigan (?). And the plethora of snack foods in the Review section left me baffled, after all who would eat a Crush orange pound cake or desire mac and cheese crackers. One article called Lasso Me, got my attention but for the wrong reason * giggle * I thought it was about something totally different.

After my experience with this magazine, I am learning to appreciate the learning curve that there is when becoming a geek. I thought it was all tech gear, gaming, and comics, but found out I have to include music, movies, and an overall lifestyle to geekdom. While I could never embrace the geek lifestyle (as I imagine it), I do feel that eventually I could make it to level 3.5, in my quest to become a geek.

BTW…I went to the web site and subscribed to the magazine. I pray that it comes in discreet brown wrapper, after all I can’t have my mailcarrier, Larry, slip that magazine into our box. Mailmen have a rule about revealing mail secrets right?

NOTE: Woman of the House mentioned an Inner Geek quiz and I took it. Here are my results. Impressive isn’t it? 🙂


6 Responses to “Miscellany Monday – How Geeky are You?”

  1. Does it make you feel any better that I don’t know who any of those people are that you mentioned?

  2. Woman of the House Says:

    I didn’t know any of those names, and neither did my geek, so it would seem we’re all in good company. We did however have some fun with this little gem http://www.innergeek.us/geek-test.html.

    • thegeekwearsprada Says:

      I took the test and I was amazed that I check a lot of those things. I put my results at the end of this post.

      There was a question that asked…Have you role played? I didn’t mark it because I have but not in the way they meant *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

      • I think you should have checked it anyway. And I had taken that test in the past, this time I scored a 55.22682% – Extreme Geek. I’m proud and ashamed at the same time.

  3. Woman of the House Says:

    LOL – I have to say I thought the same thing. Great minds! (or apparently dirty ones) 🙂

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