We-View Wednesday – Watchmen


I am approaching this review with quite a bit of hesitation and trepidation.  What can I say about this movie that hasn’t been said hundreds, thousands of times already on the Intertubes?  There are plenty of other folks way more qualified than me to review this movie.  And yet, here I sit, empty page in front of me, about to throw out Yet Another Review of Watchmen.  I don’t have an angle.  I don’t have a spin.  But nonetheless, I write.  So pardon, gentles all, as I present to you…my (most likely sucky) review (spoiler free).

Watchmen is a good movie.  A very good movie.  I have seen it twice now.  The first time I let the movie happen.  I tried to shut out the part of my brain that had read the books when they originally came out, as my friends and I would sit around for hours and analyze each issue after it was released.  We would actually go back and re-read all of the previous issues each time a new book just so we could tie all of the clues together.  So I tried to bury that part of me, and just experience the movie, as it unfolded.  And I succeeded, for the most part.  The movie flew right by me, and I absorbed scene after scene, image after image.  I left the theater very satisfied.  I had just seen a damn good movie.

The second time, I got critical, I got analytical, I compared to the book as I watched and thought about the cut and the scenes the things that were mssing.  Zak Snyder had to excise a considerable amount of story, make a few changes to the plot that worked well in a comic but not so well in a movie, especially for people that had never seen it.  And I agree with his decisions.  I think that he did a very good job of condensing the ultra-dense Watchmen.  I agree with his change in the end game.  I agree with the parts that he excised, but I look forward to seeing the rest of the scenes that he shot when the DVD is released.

But yet…it was not a perfect movie.  And I can’t blame it on any one thing.  The actors were more than passable in their roles.  The story that was presented was the same story as in the book, albeit condensed.  The look was amazing (well, except for Richard Nixon.  He looked more like a community theater Cyrano.)  But it lacked…something.  It just didn’t make a perfect translation to the screen.  And I do not fault the director, nor the writers, nor the actors.  I think I agree with Scott Kurtz on this one.  It was comic book porn.  But it was REALLY GOOD comic book porn.

Matter of fact, I agree with his entire review.  Just go read that, he said what I wanted to say, way better than I did.  See?  I told you this review was going to suck!

I’m going to give this one 4 crits.  And notice, I didn’t mention Dr. Manhattan’s glowing blue schlong once!  (Except right there.)


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