Fashion Friday – Meet me at the Happening

“I try to create a world for myself, but I know real life subconsciously seeps in and has its effect…” –Nashir Nazhar


When is a hat really not really a hat? When it is architecture and a happening molded by the hands of Nazhar, who by his own admission “creates a world” much like that of a writer. After looking over his work you will see that his creations are rather out of this world.

A happening is a performance piece, an event, a piece of art with an audience but, when it takes place during London’s Fashion Week it is Fashion. That’s right, Fashion with an uppercase /f/. In the late sixties happenings were part of the hippie culture taking shape in coffee houses, on street corners, or maybe even in a field in the middle of upstate New York.

Two weeks ago though, a happening took place in a less likely place—a small Soho chapel (St. Barnabas) in the heart of London. This event was covered by press from around the world.

The candlelit presentation from 26 year old, milliner, Nasir Nazhar was more performance art than fashion runway, exploring the boundaries and pushing through what is now thought of as normal into avant-garde and like most avant-garde fashion; his hat designs startled, titillated, and amazed.

Mazhar, a former hairdresser with Vidal Sassoon training, showed seven head-turning pieces propped in the heads of half naked male and female models, accompanied by one full robed opera singer senza un cappello .

This mad hatter mixed architecture and art, bringing to life extreme cast of caricatures, reminiscent of the characters Frederico Fellini created in his 1972 movie Roma, to show off metal spheres, leather winged hats, and statue like masks, creating a bizarre scene—dark and strange like the relationship between the parade of prostitutes in a brothel and a sci-fi runway fashion show featuring clerical uniforms with a papal audience.

Mazhar disintigrated the lines of tradition with dramatic swoops of leather and metal baskets and resin masks much like things that may remind you of a futuristic scene from a movie or a comic book villain/hero.

Judge for yourself. At the very least you will may find it intriguing or….




One Response to “Fashion Friday – Meet me at the Happening”

  1. Since when is a mask a hat?

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