Time Waster Tuesday – Star Wars Asciimation

Star Wars – One of the greatest movies ever made.

Asciimation – The use of ASCII characters to make little movies.

Star Wars Asciimation – A perfect geeky timewaster.

2 Responses to “Time Waster Tuesday – Star Wars Asciimation”

  1. thegeekwearsprada Says:

    Just an observation: In order to make these ASCII animation thingies, you must not really have a life outside of your parents’ basement and have no friends except for the 253 followers you have on Facebook and your regular diet is Cheetoes and Mountain Doo.

    Don’t kill the messenger =))

    • Dew. Mountain Dew. If you’re going to disparage geeks, get your spelling right.

      And let’s not be too quick to fall back on these sad old stereotypes. I look at this as I would look at any other minimalist art. It’s only a short step from Star Wars ASCIIMation to AC/DC Excelamation!

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