Fashion Friday – A Phashion Accessory?

Minor spoilers for Watchmen follow, concerning the origin of Dr. Manhattan.  You have been warned

So.  Much ado has been made about Watchmen and Dr. Manhattan’s big blue, um, control rod.  And it was pretty hard to ignore.  It was kind of there in your face as you watched the movie on a 40 foot screen.

Now, as much as I did try to not look, you had to.  And one could not help but notice that Dr. Manhattan was fairly well endowed.  And apparently not Jewish.  And that got me thinking.  Comparing and contrasting, as it were, to the drawings of Dr. Manhattan in the comic.  As you can see in the picture below, Dr. Manhattan was modestly endowed.  Average.  Maybe even a little small.  And so I wondered, why the change?  Why make him bigger on the big screen?  Was it in Billy Cruddup’s contract, no small cgi junk?


And then I thought some more.  (And probably overthought, truth be told.  But bear with me.  I’m going somewhere with this.)  Dr. Manhattan appears to have complete control of his molecular structure.  He can grow to the size of a giant.  He can teleport.  He can change his skin color.   He can make multiple copies of himself.  So…with that level of control, he should be able to decide on the size of his Manhattan-junk!

I mean, think about it.  Jon Osterman was an average looking guy before the accident that changed him into Dr. Manhattan.  When he came back, suddenly he was this ultra-buff, hairless, bald, well hung super-dude.  So obviously when he was rebuilding himself, he did some tweaking here and there.  Why not enhance everything?  And while we’re at it, could he not also change it on the fly?  Make it larger or smaller, change the color, and the “cut of his jib”, depending on what kind of look he was going for, what audience he was addressing?

So I say to you…Dr. Manhattan’s phallus may very well be the ultimate phashion accessory.

(I bet you’ll all be SO glad when GWP comes back.  Me too.)

2 Responses to “Fashion Friday – A Phashion Accessory?”

  1. thegeekwearsprada Says:

    “…ultra-buff, hairless, bald, well hung super-dude…” Are you talking about my better half? Oh no. Even though the description fits, Husband is not blue. LOL

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