Fashion Friday – Sand People or High Fashion?

jiang-zhou“I don’t mind UFO’s and ghost stories, it’s just that I tend to give value to the storyteller rather than to the story itself. –Robert Stack

Fashion designers use a plethora of things to inspire them but I think this is the first time on record that a designer has used alien life-forms as inspiration.

Jiang Zhou from the Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology, was inspired by China’s recent encounter with extraterrestrials.

Jiang says that the elaborately padded and, what I can only call, gilled designs were inspired “by the theme of watching” the UFOs, but to me this clothing reminds me more of the terra-cotta soldiers of China or nomadic desert people camouflage clothing.


I find clothing’s proportions distort the visual of the body, making the arms appear overly long and the legs short and stumpy. The partially masked faces are rather like Abe Spaien complete with the gills or even the creepy figure from Pan’s Labyrinth.

You make the call!

All I can tell you is that I will not be wearing this clothing because frankly, I can not take the chance of looking any shorter than I already am. And I don’t plan on getting lost in the desert anytime soon.

2 Responses to “Fashion Friday – Sand People or High Fashion?”

  1. You’d look taller! Look at those…things…on the tops of their heads. Looks like Dairy Queen softserve gone wrong.

  2. thegeekwearsprada Says:

    I won’t tell you what I think the one on the far right is wearing on her head *giggle*

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