Fashion Friday – The Art of the Game

(This isn’t exactly fashion, but I hope you will forgive me.  I’m not about to delve into the psyche-scarring conversations that GWP and I have had about what I wear…)

This past weekend, I was introduced to a new game of skill that I had heard of, but had never played.  The game is called Crokinole.

Crokinole is a game of skill, with elements of curling, shuffleboard, and bumper pool.  Played on a round board divided into scoring quadrants, you flick small pucks along the board and score points based on where your puck lies.  If your opponent has a puck on the board, you have to try and knock any of their pucks off of the board…you can’t just keep shooting for points.  Very simple game, but extremely fun.  Something that I can play with my whole family.

I only played a couple of games of this, and I have become obsessed.  I now really want a crokinole board.  Now you can’t just walk down to Wal-Mart and buy a crokinole board, so I have been scouring the Internet in search of a board, and found one that I love.  And it is beautiful.

cb-100w-bI desperately want this board.  I want to buy it and hang it on my wall, like a piece of art.  I have the perfect spot down in my gaming room where this could hang.  Or over the fireplace in my living room.

And there are others that I lust after.  Such as:




Can a game be art?  Yes.  Definitely yes.

(For more pieces of art, I recommend that you visit Crokinole World, Mr. Crokinole, and Teresa Meier’s Crokinole page.)

2 Responses to “Fashion Friday – The Art of the Game”

  1. Woman of the House Says:

    Som Dum Goy and I have played this before. It is rather addictive once you start playing. I’m curious, do you use wax? I’ve looked around and found reasons to play both ways, but we’re a little hesitant to use wax given the velocity at which the puck can travel from time to time.

    • I only played a couple of games, and I don’t believe that the board was waxed at all. It could be really fast, and really exciting on a waxed board.

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