Miscellany Monday – Return to Middle Earth

GWP and my schedules have been really off for the past couple of weeks, so there as been no City of Heroes for us for a while.  No doubt the thugs of Paragon City have been running rampant since Clockwork Guardian and Cyn-ful have been on their hiatus.

To help fill some time, I decided to re-install Lord of the Rings Online and play around with it for a while.  I got into LotRO during it’s beta, and instantly fell in love with it.  I loved it so much that at launch I bought a lifetime subscription to the game.  After launch, I played for a few weeks, got my highest level character up to about level 16, and then kind of put it aside.  Just found it boring.  I was only doing solo stuff, and the kinship I was in didn’t seem to really be working, and I never got in any good fellowships.  It just wasn’a as much fun as CoH.

I was hearing some good buzz about the game, and wanted to see if maybe I didn’t give it enough of a chance, or if they had added or changed enough that I could get into it again.   And I have to say, it didn’t.  As I was running around, trying out being a loremaster and a bard and a hunter, I was struck by the fact that, while the enviroments are beautiful, and the world is vibrant, the characters are, well, dull.  Compared to the choices that you have in City of Heroes, both in costume and character/power/ability choices, you seem so limited in LotRO.  I just found it…boring.

I can’t wait for GWP to come back.  I need to get back to bashing Rikti…

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