Miscellany Monday – Take Me Out to the Ballgame…



Today is the Cub’s home opener.   And I was supposed to be there, but instead am at work, working on a blog toiling away.  It’s been a tradition for years, where my best buddy would get tickets for the game and we would go and freeze our asses off watching the first game at Wrigley.  This is the first time I’ve ever missed it, and I must say I have mixed emotions.

First off,  I don’t have much use for the game of baseball.  And when I say that, I mean sitting at home and watching a game on TV.  I love going to Wrigley Field, or to any of a number of minor league team games like the Madison Mallards, sitting in the stands with a soft drink, a bag of peanuts and a couple of dogs, and soaking up the sun and kind of paying attention to the game.  If I’m at the game, I have a vested interest.  On the TV, not so much.  But I’m like that with every sporting event, so I guess it’s just that I don’t have much use for televised sports.

Second, I don’t like the Cubs.  If I have a team that I root for, it’s the St. Louis Cardinals, but I view them in a very detached, abstract sort of way, like I’ll check their standings every month or so, or find out how they are doing when I call my brother (who is a baseball nut).  This support of the Cards came from where I grew up, so I come into my dislike of the Cubs honestly…I inherited it from my dad, much like my male pattern baldness.  (And actually, my grandfather is such a Cards fan that my dad was named after two of the Card’s Gashouse Gang.  And as such, so was I.)

Third, opening day is always COLD.  ALWAYS.  Last year was the warmest I can remember, and that was about 55 degrees, and it was rainy.  I have been to opening days where it snowed.  Today, not only is it cold, but it is rainy.  Now back in the old days, my buddy would always get tickets back in the mezzanine, so we would be somewhat sheltered.  But since he has now moved up in the corporate world, he now gets REALLY good tickets, usually about 5-6 rows back from the Cubs dugout, not 20 yards from the field.  Perfect seats, for a cloudless day in June.  In early April, not so much.

And yet, I do wish I was there, sitting with him in the cold, wearing layers and ponchos and freezing out asses off.  Because it is something we do.  Something we have always done.  Meet at Wrigley field early, and force our way into the overpacked Murphy’s Bleachers to breakfast on a brat with kraut.  Buy peanuts from the vendor outside, cause they are cheaper that way.  Talk about how much work sucks.  Bitch about our wives.  Buy each other drinks and dogs and cracker jack.  Freeze our asses off, and have a great time doing it.

Stupid work.

One Response to “Miscellany Monday – Take Me Out to the Ballgame…”

  1. thegeekwearsprada Says:

    How dare you put a cubs logo on this blog! We are a Red Sox blog!!!! Remember that damn it! LOL

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