Miscellany Monday – Help HerGeek Choose A Board!

OK, so I’m at a deadlock.  I can’t decide which Crokinole board to buy.  I like all four of the ones I’m going to post below equally well, so I will now turn to you, the three readers we have, to determine which board I am going to get.  The finalists are listed below:


The "Eagle" Tournament - Red Ditch

"The Executive" Walnut Sunburst Octagonal

"The Executive" Walnut Sunburst Octagonal

The "Eagle" Tournament - Green Ditch

The "Eagle" Tournament - Green Ditch

The "Eagle" Walnut Sunburst

The "Eagle" Walnut Sunburst

I’ll keep the poll active for a week, and see what the masses have to say.  And if so inclined, chime in on the comments section and let me know why you chose the one you did.

[Edit:  It appears that some folks are having problems with the poll, not being able to actuall enter their choice.  If you run acros this, just leave a quick comment about your choice.  Thanks!]

4 Responses to “Miscellany Monday – Help HerGeek Choose A Board!”

  1. thegeekwearsprada Says:

    Before I vote, I need to have a little information.

    What room will this be used in and what is the decor? Classic. Cottage. Coastal. Traditional. Modern. Eclectic. What is your colour palette? Neutral. Monochromatic. Brights.

    I will wait to vote until I get your answers.


  2. Woman of the House Says:

    Is this for play or display?

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