Fashion Friday – From Pristine Surfaces to Chaos?

“Art, in itself, is an attempt to bring order out of chaos.” — Stephen Sondheim


Over the past two weeks, I have been back and forth between Miami and Boston, dealing with a family emergency (Thank you Her Geek for keeping the blog alive while I was gone). The fact that I was in Boston does not have relevance really to this post but for the fact that Husband and I were staying with his brother and family. While we were there, I talked with my niece, a Harvard University student, about her three laptops after I noticed that all of said laptops had been adorn with various stickers. I asked her to explain why she chose to mar (my word) the top of her computer. She told me that, “a plain laptop is boring and lacking a personality…just sort of naked…I want it to look like….me.”

I have noticed this stylish trend in laptop art, with the students in my environs and on television shows (The Big Bang Theory comes to mind first) and I mentioned the fad to a few friends and associates in the past, asking them if they would embellish their computers. They responded with a resounding “no.” I thought originally that their nos were attributed to their age (35-45) and their status within the community in which they live and work. That is what I thought until I saw that my brother-in-law’s had applied numerous and varying stickers to his personal laptop.

I searched on Flickr for other laptops that have been customized and I found everything from sports references, butterflies and other insects ,to Japanese cartoon characters and of course geek computer references. Political messages were surprisingly lacking, which was shocking to me.

While I applaud their, what I consider, guts for creating chaos on a pristine surface, displays like these just seem wrong. But than I could be wrong. After all, I once thought comic books were ridiculously juvenile and here I am now with a file cabinet filled with them and a pull list so long I have a spreadsheet made up for control. *shrug*

What do you think?


Photo by Pixamelon


Photo by Tom Carmony


Photo by Neil Crosby

One Response to “Fashion Friday – From Pristine Surfaces to Chaos?”

  1. I am completely anti-sticker. I hate it when stickers get handed out at birthday parties, because they always end up on the kid’s doors or walls. I am anti-sticker to the point where I would not let my kids decorate my Guitar Hero guitars with the supplied stickers. I wanted them to remain pristine.

    That being said, I could totally buy and apply a full skin to my laptop, like the ones being offered by Gelaskins. Now, if I could just settle on one that I like!

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