Miscellany Monday – Only 5 days until…

I am going to a store on Saturday. Not to the grocery store. Not for Neiman-Marcus for shoes or clothing (I know that is a shock). So what store am I going to? The comic book store.

May 2nd is Free Comic Book Day. It is only 5 days away! I will be heading to my friendly local comic book store. This is a day for your inner geek to come out but more importantly this is a family event. Children of all ages can find something appealing to pick up.

This year there is a large selection of free publications and something for just about everyone: from classic Archie Comics, to the very popular comic books like Wolverine from Marvel. But also there is a selection of lesser know titles like NASCAR Heroes: Origins #1 from Starbridge Media (the one that I want to pick up).

And they can be yours for free!

There are a total of 42 comic books available and not only that—your local comic book store will most likely have other events and maybe even addition special offers. So this day is more than just a free comic book. This day is an chance for you to spread your geekiness to you children–beyond the world of video games into a world of imagination, interesting stories, incredible art, and as an educator, the most important thing is the opportunity for reading together.

Find out what your local store has to off and I will see you out on  May 2nd.

6 Responses to “Miscellany Monday – Only 5 days until…”

  1. Thanks for the heads up! I think I’ll take a geek day and check it out.


    • thegeekwearsprada Says:

      This will be my first experience on Free Comic Book Day. I look forward to the challenge of actually going into the store.

  2. Wait…you…you’re actually…you’re actually going to GO to a comic book store and…and…acutally…GO inside???

    Pictures or it didn’t happen…

  3. HA! A challenge!

    Have digital camera, will travel.

    Onward! I can do this.


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