Tuesday Timewaster – Fairway Solitaire

Late in 2007, Grey Alien Games released a wonderful little solitaire card game called Fairway Solitaire.  I read a couple of things about it, but ignored it initially, thinking “A golf themed solitaire game?  I don’t like golf, and I don’t like solitaire.  Why would I want this?”  But seemingly everyone had an answer to that question, because every single article that I read said “Even if you don’t like golf, or solitaire, you need to try this game!”  So, being the ever obedient sheep that I am, I did.


And boy, was everyone right.  The developers of this game got it right.  Really right.  Simple game play.  Low learning curve.  Nice sound.  Lots of “courses.”  The chase of purchasing upgrades to your equipment and unlocking achievements.  All of these led me to spending over 60 hours playing this game, on and off.  It was one of those, “Oh, I’ll just do one more course before I go to bed” and then realizing that it was 1:30 in the morning when I finally quit sort of games.

Now, I was only going to link you to the demo of the game.  That would give you 1 hour to play and see if you like it (which you will).  Then when you were hooked, you would need to pay $10 for the full game (which is a HELL of a bargain, based on the amount of play you get out of this game).  However, providence is smiling on you.

You see, just yesterday I got in the mail a coupon from Big Fish Games with an unlimited use code to get you your own copy of Fairway Solitaire FOR FREE.  Yes, that’s right, FREE.  So suddenly, this timewaster went from an hour timewaster to a 40+ hour timewaster.  And who says I don’t give you guys anything?  To get your free game:

1 Go to this link.
2 Click the  “buy now” button
3 Create your account
4 Enter the  coupon code FREEFAIRWAY
5 Enjoy!

Note that the offer says it is only good until 5/31/09.  So don’t delay.  Even if you aren’t a fan of golf or solitaire, you will love this game.  (There.  Got my obligatory “even if you aren’t a fan” message in there.

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