Timewaster Tuesday – The Hunt for Gollum

While listening to NPR last week, I heard a segment on “The Hunt for Gollum”, a not-for-profit 40 minute film being created by fans and released for free on the Internet.  Upong getting home that night, miraculously I managed to remember to look up the website and watch the trailer for the short film…and was very impressed.

Fan films have been around for quite a while.  Just do a google search for Star Wars Fan Films and you get over 2 million hits.  Heck, George Lucas even embraces the fan film community by judging a contest for his favorite fan film!  Go on YouTube and search for Batman Fan Film and you will see about 1500 entries, the most ambitious of which is Grayson.

 Most fan films are a few minutes long at best.  Many are in the form of trailers for a movie. But this movie…The Hunt for Gollum…this one feels different.  This steps above the usual fan film.  The story is good, the acting is good, the cinematography and directing, effects and fighting…all very, very good.  At least as good as anything that you will see on the SciFi channel (faint praise, I know…but I did mean it as praise.)

Give this one a look.  It’s 40 minutes of fun.  I’ll be interested to see how Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema and The Tolkien Estate react to the movie.

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