Tabletop Thursday – The City of Death

Since we’ve been deeply entrenched in our D&D game, our tabletop minis games have been neglected even more than ever.  And quite frankly, we miss setting up cool looking terrain and pushing figures around the tabletop.  So after some deep discussions with my fellow grognards over snifters of Pepsi and bowls of Doritos, we decided to make the first Monday of every month “Minis Monday.”  

Next was picking out a game.  We love the idea of connected games, making a campaign of some sort, but to be successful with those, almost as much work needs to go into them as with creating and running an RPG.  So after a lot of discussion, we settled on breaking out our Mordheimwarbands, and trying out an extended Mordheim campaign.  This had a lot of things going for it. 

  • We had the minis already painted up
  • We had lots of terrain for it
  • Games were short, usually no more than 1.5 hours, so with some good time management we could get in a couple of games a night
  • It had a built in simple campaign system that needed no prep time or refereeing


Sides were decided, with me taking the Sisters of Sigmar (warrior priestesses with big ass hammers!), another player taking Witch Hunters (puritanical heretic burning fanatics), a third taking Skaven (giant bi-pedal mutated rats), and a fourth taking Reiklanders (Germanic warriors with big swords).

Our first game was run Monday night.  Through the luck of the draw, we had Witch Hunters vs. Skaven for the first game, and the scenario they rolled up was  “Breakthrough”, or as I now like to call it, “The Skaven Player Did Not Read the Scenario Rules.” The Skaven player, as the defender,  was supposed to keep the Witch Hunter player from getting 2 of his figures to within 2 inches of the Skaven’s end of the board.  Simple enough, let the carnage begin!

The ruined buildings were all set up, and then the Witch Hunter spread his wardband out across the board. The Skaven player bunched his warband up on the right side. I looked at the Witch Hunter player, shrugged, and said OK.   The game started, and the Witch Hunter player sprinted five of his figures down the left side of the board, while the entire Skaven warband went after a small detachment of hunters.  The Skaven player watched, confused, as fully half of the witch hunter force was ignoring him.  As the Witch hunters came within about a foot of his end of the board he asked, “Am I missing something?”  The Witch Hunter player and I just laughed and flipped open the scenario for him to read again.  Next turn, the Witch Hunter hounds loped to an easy victory, with only 1 casualty taken from both sides.

So, it wasn’t exactly an auspicious start to our campaign, but it was a funny one!  I’m going to try and take pictures of future games to post up here as I look for something to write about document the campaign.

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