Miscellany Monday – Dr. Dubai?

There was a competition to come up with a soaring structure for the Zaabeel Park in Dubai. Vision Division of Sweden came up with a structure based on Al Hakawati (a storyteller). Al Hakawati  was and remains a fixed figure in Arabic speaking communities. These storytellers carry on the tradition of orally broadcasting traditional stories in the evening in an open areas of the towns, reciting from memory epics of Arabic lore.

The statue will be the home of a library for children in the base and will recite stories and historical information, accessible to the general public via speakers placed all over the park. The statue will have other large public areas for reading, relaxing, and for social gatherings. Sunlight will pour in through window openings perforating the walls creating a bright indoor environment.

The statue will be designed with special joints so that the head and arms will be able to move, much like the joint in the double-length buses seen around the world. The arm and head movement will be controlled by computers and will have prerecording movements for different effects.

I think the design firm must a have a deep seated fascination for Watchmen and Dr. Manhattan because this statue looks very much like that character to me, minus the blue tint.

You decide.

4 Responses to “Miscellany Monday – Dr. Dubai?”

  1. Yes, definitely too much Dr Manhattan.

    Also, wouldn’t a storyteller be sitting rather than standing???

    • thegeekwearsprada Says:

      Thanks for your comment.

      I think they probably chose a standing figure because it is more impressive, but, you are right, it would make more sense for the “storyteller” to be sitting.

  2. And on the base there will be an inscription that begins:

    “My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings”

    • Come to think of it .. the Saddam Hussein statue torn down in Baghdad had this gesture too! Mark of a benevolent ruler?

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