Timewaster Tuesday – Hey Kids!!! (Government) Comics!!!

Just recently stumbled across a fun little archive of digital comics.  It’s the University of Nebraska – Lincoln digital archive of government sponsored comics.  Dates on the comics range from the 40’s (mostly military instruction comics) all the way up through 2006, where the government issued a series of comics the explained the economy (and, yes, it is quite ironic.)  Scattered amongst these comics are some real gems that are illustrated by some legendary talents such as Milton Caniff, Scott Adams, George Perez, Chic Young, Al Capp and even Walt Disney!  There are over 160 comics to download and browse.

Here are some that I enjoyed:

Will Eisner tells us how to maintain an M16A1 rifle

This is Ann, a 1943 comic by Dr. Seuss about the dangers of malaria

Walt Kelly’s Pogo Primer for Parents (TV Division), written in 1961, that guides parents in how to deal with TV and their children.  I loved this line from it:

“There are a few things to practice not doing.  Do not be afraid of your t.v. set.  These things are probably here to stay.  Do not be afraid of your child.  He is not here to stay, he is a precious visitor.”

Dr. Rex Morgan, MD Talks…About Your Unborn Child!  I wonder how effective a comic book was at convincing you not to drink and smoke while pregnant?

And my favorites – Smokey Bear’s Story of the Forest, along with The True Story of Smokey Bear.  I have very fond memories of these comics.  Every September we would go to the Apple Festival, the county fair in the farming community where I lived until I was six.  There was a carnival, and produce and livestock judging, and shows, and my grandfather was always working in the fish fry booth run by the American Legion, and tractor pulls and demolition derbies, and the Illinois Department of Conservation building where we would always end up with a goody bag of stuff, and I got a copy of theses comics every single year.  Man, did these bring a smile to my face when I read this.

Glad I stumbled across this site.  It made for a nice timewaster this morning while I was on a boring conference call!


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