We-View – DeJa Vu without the Fun

“It’s like deja-vu, all over again.” ~Yogi Berra

Last Wednesday, I wrote a review on Powers: Who Killed Retro Girl and gave it a very good review. I appreciated the banter and the good dialog. So on my own recommendation :-), I purchased Volume 2: Roleplay and Volume 3: Little Deaths expecting the same quality and fun loving dialog.

Little Deaths

But, after reading both 2 and 3, I can tell you that my fondness for Detectives Walker and Pilgrim has unfortunately waned.

While Volume 2 is passable with 3 PRADAs, Volume 3 is a solid 1 PRADA.

Going into Volume 2, I loved both Walker and Pilgrim but after Volume 3, Deaths I like Walker less and I don’t like Pilgrim at all.

In Little Deaths, yet another superhero is dead. Olympia, who has a fetish for redheads, mysteriously lays naked in a sleazy, rundown apartment. The superhero’s reputation is soon tarnished by his little black book of conquests and quickies. Woman after woman after woman is revealed to have had an affair with him, a married man, and Walker and Pilgrim are sent in to find his killer.

While the there are some relatively interesting/enjoyable portions in this volume; it quickly becomes redundant, dull, and at the same time the character of Deena Pilgrim becomes downright annoying with her rough language and brashness.

I am being very generous when I give Powers: Little Deaths 1 PRADA.

rating 1

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