Timewaster Tuesday – Multiple SIDosis

This one is a short timewaster, folks.  Will only take about 10 minutes of your day away, but it is a highly entertaining 10 minutes.  The attached video clip is called “Multiple SIDosis”, and it was created by an amateur filmmaker named Sid Laverents.  In his 60s when he made  this movie, it involves the use of extremely close synchronization of sound and film and multiple exposures on the film using different size and shape cut-outs for the special effects.  It is pure genius, that something like this could be made in a man’s garage with a 16 mm movie camera.  One has to wonder what his man would have done with home computer and a digital video camera.

This short film has been added to the National Film Registry for being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.  More importantly, it made me smile.  Thanks, Sid!


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