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Fashion Friday – Must Be Marni!

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Fall Accessories

My favourite season is Fall. There is a freshness to Fall, the cooler temperatures and the beautiful breeze off the Atlantic clearing out the humidity. It is the time for harvest and abundance. This fall the abundance will come in the form armfuls of and necklines filled with accessories—chunky wood bangles, resin or acrylic cuffs, and beaded neck pieces. Jewelry will be supersized.

I always want to harvest all the new trends but I tend to get only a few, quality things to add to my existing wardrobe—pieces that will move to another season or used differently in the next year or two.

The colour palette in the fall also changes. The colours are gentle and comforting, and we move away from the pops of bright colours into palettes of earth tones and muted colours from the sea.


From Marni to Marc Jacobs, the jewelry is highly appealing, next season, with its bold size and multiple pieces worn together creating a cascade of items and colours.

Check out other previews of the trends to find that one speecial piece that you will add to your wardrobe.


Fashion Friday – Swine Wear

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“I would tell members of my family – and I have – I wouldn’t go anywhere in confined places now.” – Vice President, Joe Biden


There has been a lot of speculation, fear, and hype about the swine flu and while I am concerned for the health of my friends and family members, I fear more the time when I may need to wear a mask to go out of the house. I work in a school and you all know what it is like with all those snotty kids and their runny noses.

I have been joking for over a week about PRADA making designer masks to become an accessory in this global warming, polluted environment. While the following pictures are not PRADA they show that people are of the same mind-set as I am. If I am going to wear a mask, I at least want it to reflect my ascetic value.

For the past seven days, in the health and beauty section of disposable masks (oh so ugly) have been best sellers and I don’t believe that that trend will change until the threat has subsided.


Nuvo Accessories is an online retailer that makes bandana styled maske, some with animal prints and according to FoxNews, Jay Ginsberg the sales manager of of Nuvo said that is able to ship approximately 2,500 masks sold in the past 5 days. Ginesberg also said that orders for fashion masks on the Flu Fashion web site started coming in as soon as the site was launched.

One radio station, morning show in Chicago (WGN) is even having fun with the fashionable flu masks by having a fashion show. Contestants will be bringing flu masks to the station where they will be judged by a panel and the grand prize winner will get, ironically enough, a trip to mexico. I would hold off taking that prize until this whole thing blows over.

Let us know if you have changed your lifestyle at all because of this pandemic.

For the past seven days, in the health and beauty section of disposable masks (oh so ugly) have been best sellers and I don’t believe that that trend will change until the threat has subsided.


Fashion Friday – From Pristine Surfaces to Chaos?

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“Art, in itself, is an attempt to bring order out of chaos.” — Stephen Sondheim


Over the past two weeks, I have been back and forth between Miami and Boston, dealing with a family emergency (Thank you Her Geek for keeping the blog alive while I was gone). The fact that I was in Boston does not have relevance really to this post but for the fact that Husband and I were staying with his brother and family. While we were there, I talked with my niece, a Harvard University student, about her three laptops after I noticed that all of said laptops had been adorn with various stickers. I asked her to explain why she chose to mar (my word) the top of her computer. She told me that, “a plain laptop is boring and lacking a personality…just sort of naked…I want it to look like….me.”

I have noticed this stylish trend in laptop art, with the students in my environs and on television shows (The Big Bang Theory comes to mind first) and I mentioned the fad to a few friends and associates in the past, asking them if they would embellish their computers. They responded with a resounding “no.” I thought originally that their nos were attributed to their age (35-45) and their status within the community in which they live and work. That is what I thought until I saw that my brother-in-law’s had applied numerous and varying stickers to his personal laptop.

I searched on Flickr for other laptops that have been customized and I found everything from sports references, butterflies and other insects ,to Japanese cartoon characters and of course geek computer references. Political messages were surprisingly lacking, which was shocking to me.

While I applaud their, what I consider, guts for creating chaos on a pristine surface, displays like these just seem wrong. But than I could be wrong. After all, I once thought comic books were ridiculously juvenile and here I am now with a file cabinet filled with them and a pull list so long I have a spreadsheet made up for control. *shrug*

What do you think?


Photo by Pixamelon


Photo by Tom Carmony


Photo by Neil Crosby

Fashion Friday – Gaming Attire

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(I can’t wait for GWP to get back.  This is three Fashion Fridays in a row, and I’m WAY out over my skis.)

Every Monday, GWP and I have a variant on the same conversation.  It goes something like this:

GWP:  So what are you doing tonight?
Me:   It’s Monday, so it’s D&D night.
GWP:  Are you going to wear a costume?  [followed by a giggle]
Me:   [dryly] Um…no.
GWP:  Aw…

Every Monday, the same thing.  See, she has this vision of me sitting down to the table to play in some kind of wizard robes and hat.  And every Monday, I have to dash her hopes, and tell her that I’m just going to be wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and remind her that I don’t wear, and have never worn, a costume while gaming.

But that’s not strictly true…

One sunny day, I happend to be walking through my fair city and I wandered by a hat shop.  In the window, they had a sign: 


Bowlers and derbies 50% off?  I don’t have a bowler or a derby!  I always wanted a bowler or a derby!  Every man needs a bowler or a derby!  I am so there!  I entered the store, but I did not hold out much hope, because I have a ginormus head, and I can never find hats to fit it.  And besides, I’m sure the best bowlers and derbies were all taken.  I was gladly mistaken though, because 10 minutes later I left the store with a nice $20 felt derby.

Why would a man need a derby, you may ask?  Well, easy costuming for Halloween parties for one.  Add a threadbare suit and I’m  Stan Laurel (or Oliver Hardy, if I keep having ice cream dates with GWP.)  Add a little moustache to that , and I’m Charlie Chaplin’s Little Tramp.  Add a nice suit and an umbrella and a British accent and I’m John Steed.  Add a white shirt, pants, suspenders, a codpiece, some eyeliner and some boots and I’m  one of the droogs from A Clockwork Orange. 





But shortly after I got my derby, I started wearing it while I was GMing games of Space:1889.  After the first session, my buddy Tommy, playing Bruce, an Australian cowboy, started wearing an Aussie slouch hat.  My wife, playing a wild west show sharpshooter, went and got an old beat-up cowboy hat and would wear that when we play.  But the topper (pun intended) was when Stuart, playing a wealthy British upper crust snob, showed up at a session wearing a top hat.  And we soon started using these hats to indicate when we were “in character.”  It was a really fun prop to add to the game.

So, there you go, GWP.  A bit of costuming in our games.  And no, I’m not going to wear a costume next Monday!

Fashion Friday – The Gym Shoe Faux Pas

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(GWP got called away on a family emergency, so Fashion Friday was left in my incapable hands.  For this, I apologize…)

Some time last year GWP and I were having a conversation about the fact that my work had recently gone casual Friday all year round (meaning, no need to wear Dockers or dress pants, we could now wear jeans all year round.)  She asked how that was going, and I told her it was really nice, not having to worry so much about matching the Dockers I was wearing with the shirt (I swear, I really need adult Garanimals).

So we had the following text conversation (which I swear is 100% true and factual, no matter how she will try and deny it.)

GWP:  So, what are you wearing today then?
Me:  Let’s see.  A pair of Levi’s 501’s and a black polo shirt.
GWP:  What color shoes are you wearing?
Me:  Um…they’re white.  I’m wearing gym shoes.
Me:  What?  What’s wrong with gym shoes?
Me:  Um…white.  White short athletic socks

I didn’t get any text messages from her for quite a while after that.  She claims she got busy.  I know it was because she had a fashion conniption and fainted.  When we talked that afternoon, I was told, in NO uncertain terms, that what I was wearing on my feet was a travesty, and that I should never, EVER do that again.  I was also told that I needed to go out and get myself a pair of Gucci loafers (have you priced Gucci loafers?  Holy crap!  I could buy myself that Xbox 360 that I have been denying myself all these years for the price of a pair of shoes!  Insanity!)


This, or an Xbox 360 Elite. And a new DSi. You make the call!

I argued that wearing white socks and gym shoes is perfectly acceptable, and that I really didn’t understand what the big deal was.  There was lots of sputtering and incoherent raging on the phone after that.  It sounded a lot like she gets when someone cuts in front of her when she’s driving.  (Only there was Italian cursing thrown in too.  She curses in Italian when she gets all upset about fashion, did you know that?)

So anyway, we compromised, which means that she got her way, and I have never worn white socks and gym shoes to work again.

That she is aware of.  🙂

Fashion Friday – The Art of the Game

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(This isn’t exactly fashion, but I hope you will forgive me.  I’m not about to delve into the psyche-scarring conversations that GWP and I have had about what I wear…)

This past weekend, I was introduced to a new game of skill that I had heard of, but had never played.  The game is called Crokinole.

Crokinole is a game of skill, with elements of curling, shuffleboard, and bumper pool.  Played on a round board divided into scoring quadrants, you flick small pucks along the board and score points based on where your puck lies.  If your opponent has a puck on the board, you have to try and knock any of their pucks off of the board…you can’t just keep shooting for points.  Very simple game, but extremely fun.  Something that I can play with my whole family.

I only played a couple of games of this, and I have become obsessed.  I now really want a crokinole board.  Now you can’t just walk down to Wal-Mart and buy a crokinole board, so I have been scouring the Internet in search of a board, and found one that I love.  And it is beautiful.

cb-100w-bI desperately want this board.  I want to buy it and hang it on my wall, like a piece of art.  I have the perfect spot down in my gaming room where this could hang.  Or over the fireplace in my living room.

And there are others that I lust after.  Such as:




Can a game be art?  Yes.  Definitely yes.

(For more pieces of art, I recommend that you visit Crokinole World, Mr. Crokinole, and Teresa Meier’s Crokinole page.)

Fashion Friday – Sand People or High Fashion?

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jiang-zhou“I don’t mind UFO’s and ghost stories, it’s just that I tend to give value to the storyteller rather than to the story itself. –Robert Stack

Fashion designers use a plethora of things to inspire them but I think this is the first time on record that a designer has used alien life-forms as inspiration.

Jiang Zhou from the Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology, was inspired by China’s recent encounter with extraterrestrials.

Jiang says that the elaborately padded and, what I can only call, gilled designs were inspired “by the theme of watching” the UFOs, but to me this clothing reminds me more of the terra-cotta soldiers of China or nomadic desert people camouflage clothing.


I find clothing’s proportions distort the visual of the body, making the arms appear overly long and the legs short and stumpy. The partially masked faces are rather like Abe Spaien complete with the gills or even the creepy figure from Pan’s Labyrinth.

You make the call!

All I can tell you is that I will not be wearing this clothing because frankly, I can not take the chance of looking any shorter than I already am. And I don’t plan on getting lost in the desert anytime soon.