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Fashion Friday – Must Be Marni!

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Fall Accessories

My favourite season is Fall. There is a freshness to Fall, the cooler temperatures and the beautiful breeze off the Atlantic clearing out the humidity. It is the time for harvest and abundance. This fall the abundance will come in the form armfuls of and necklines filled with accessories—chunky wood bangles, resin or acrylic cuffs, and beaded neck pieces. Jewelry will be supersized.

I always want to harvest all the new trends but I tend to get only a few, quality things to add to my existing wardrobe—pieces that will move to another season or used differently in the next year or two.

The colour palette in the fall also changes. The colours are gentle and comforting, and we move away from the pops of bright colours into palettes of earth tones and muted colours from the sea.


From Marni to Marc Jacobs, the jewelry is highly appealing, next season, with its bold size and multiple pieces worn together creating a cascade of items and colours.

Check out other previews of the trends to find that one speecial piece that you will add to your wardrobe.


Miscellany Monday

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Since I am on my way home today from Wyoming, I have no time and no idea for today’s post.

Girl Genius to the rescue after all, it is important to be safe from the fashion police. No one wants a ticket for wearing the wrong shoes. LOL


See you later today, back at home.

Fashion Friday – Sand People or High Fashion?

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jiang-zhou“I don’t mind UFO’s and ghost stories, it’s just that I tend to give value to the storyteller rather than to the story itself. –Robert Stack

Fashion designers use a plethora of things to inspire them but I think this is the first time on record that a designer has used alien life-forms as inspiration.

Jiang Zhou from the Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology, was inspired by China’s recent encounter with extraterrestrials.

Jiang says that the elaborately padded and, what I can only call, gilled designs were inspired “by the theme of watching” the UFOs, but to me this clothing reminds me more of the terra-cotta soldiers of China or nomadic desert people camouflage clothing.


I find clothing’s proportions distort the visual of the body, making the arms appear overly long and the legs short and stumpy. The partially masked faces are rather like Abe Spaien complete with the gills or even the creepy figure from Pan’s Labyrinth.

You make the call!

All I can tell you is that I will not be wearing this clothing because frankly, I can not take the chance of looking any shorter than I already am. And I don’t plan on getting lost in the desert anytime soon.

Trivia Tuesday – Bras, Karl, and Goats

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“I wanted to be the first woman to burn her bra, but it would have taken the fire department four days to put it out” –Dolly Pardon

I know this is more or less a geek blog but I can’t possibly give you a quiz about geekiness because I just don’t know it good enough. So, for today here is fashion trivia, real fashion not geek fashion 🙂

  1. In 3000 B.C.E., experts believe that nail polish was invented in China.
  2. According to Allure magazine, the average woman owns 10 handbags. (I guess I am not average. I admit to having 89 bags)
  3. In 1955, Coco Chanel introduced the first Chanel purse with quilting and a chain strap. (And yes I have one of these.)
  4. In 2004-2005 there were 800 new shades of eyeshadow created.
  5. Louis Vuitton is not known for his punctuality but recently he stunned the audience of a fashion show in Paris for beginning exactly on time.
  6. Elizabeth I owned 2,000 pairs of gloves.
  7. It is rumored that Karl Lagerfeld has an iPod nanny. This nanny is in charge of organizing, uploading, downloading, and keeping track of the music on this fashion icon’s more than 100 iPods!
  8. Clothing from 1920 to 1960 are considered vintage garments.
  9. Cashmere comes from the Kashmir goat.
  10. John Paul Gaultier designed the now famous cone bra for Madonna.

If this were a quiz, how good would you have done?

Fashion Friday – Meet me at the Happening

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“I try to create a world for myself, but I know real life subconsciously seeps in and has its effect…” –Nashir Nazhar


When is a hat really not really a hat? When it is architecture and a happening molded by the hands of Nazhar, who by his own admission “creates a world” much like that of a writer. After looking over his work you will see that his creations are rather out of this world.

A happening is a performance piece, an event, a piece of art with an audience but, when it takes place during London’s Fashion Week it is Fashion. That’s right, Fashion with an uppercase /f/. In the late sixties happenings were part of the hippie culture taking shape in coffee houses, on street corners, or maybe even in a field in the middle of upstate New York.

Two weeks ago though, a happening took place in a less likely place—a small Soho chapel (St. Barnabas) in the heart of London. This event was covered by press from around the world.

The candlelit presentation from 26 year old, milliner, Nasir Nazhar was more performance art than fashion runway, exploring the boundaries and pushing through what is now thought of as normal into avant-garde and like most avant-garde fashion; his hat designs startled, titillated, and amazed.

Mazhar, a former hairdresser with Vidal Sassoon training, showed seven head-turning pieces propped in the heads of half naked male and female models, accompanied by one full robed opera singer senza un cappello .

This mad hatter mixed architecture and art, bringing to life extreme cast of caricatures, reminiscent of the characters Frederico Fellini created in his 1972 movie Roma, to show off metal spheres, leather winged hats, and statue like masks, creating a bizarre scene—dark and strange like the relationship between the parade of prostitutes in a brothel and a sci-fi runway fashion show featuring clerical uniforms with a papal audience.

Mazhar disintigrated the lines of tradition with dramatic swoops of leather and metal baskets and resin masks much like things that may remind you of a futuristic scene from a movie or a comic book villain/hero.

Judge for yourself. At the very least you will may find it intriguing or….




Fashion Friday – Geek Glasses

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Look at Clark Kent when he’s working at the Daily Planet, he’s a reporter. He doesn’t fly through the air in his glasses and his suit. –Gene Simmons

I spent my formative years reading (a lot), playing backgammon, learning chess, and painting. My blue-collar parents had dreams for me and enrolled me in equestrian summer camps and things that would enrich my mind. I was a dork without even knowing it. My clothes and my hair didn’t didn’t display this moniker, but my soul, my glasses, and the book I always carried with me, were a good indication of my true calling in life.

As an adult, I look back fondly at those days of winning the spelling bee, every science fair that I spent months on, and the time after school when we played Pong at the corner restaurant for way too long a period of time. And when I look back, I discover I was a dork. That was the reason I didn’t really feel like I fit in anywhere.

Without that upbringing, I would not be who I am today.

Back then, I wore glasses for one reason…I needed to see and no kid had contact lenses. I wear contacts now but I wear glasses to work, as an accessory (I have 16 pair of them) and I use them to give me the illusion of greater intelligence and to be taken seriously. Some reasonably attractive females are not taken seriously, so we play the geek/dork card—glasses. Though my glasses now are quite a bit more expensive, the lenses thinner, and no longer all scratched, every time I slip on a pair, I get a warm feeling, taking back to a time of childishly nostalgia.

I often wonder why geeks are always associated with glasses. Here are my reasons.

Intellect – It is a fact that society connects glasses with wisdom and intelligence. Nature, geeks would want to be thought of as smart. Remember that an idiot can not become a level 50 tanker in City of Heroes.

Style or lack of it – Geeks don’t worry about looking fashionable or cool. Fashion is usually the last thing on their mind and you rare see a geek coming out of Neiman-Marcus overly burdened with shopping bags.

Cost – Glasses are relatively inexpensive compared to the coat of contact lenses. A year supply of contacts could cost $400 while a pair of glasses can be purchased for two-thirds of that price and the glasses could last 2 years. Geeks would save approximately $600 and put that money toward a new gaming system or a latest geek advance in technology.

Trademark – The individuals who make up the geek community, like any group, want to fit in. Without glasses they would have trouble recognizing other geeks in a crowd? LOL

If you have actually reasons why you wear glasses or if you have done actual research on this topic I would be willing to read it to gain more knowledge on the subject.

Until that time, I will go with my reasons and I will tell you to get a little geek-style in your life – wear glasses once in a while.


Fashion Friday – The (not so) Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.” –Oscar Wilde

It is my 8th anniversary!

Yes, you are right! It has been eight months since I began playing City of Heroes. (applause, applause, applause)

I never thought I would enjoy this game as much as I do and I NEVER thought that is would permeate my pores and my life so much, that I seen and hear CoH in every day things. People walking down the street make me think of the streets of Independence Port as they run from villains. I hear a noise and it reminds me of the sound a glowy clue item makes. I hear or read a word and I am reminded how great that would be as the name of a toon. I am obsessed. When I can’t play, I think about my powers and costume items and the things I have up for auction at Wentworths, wondering if they sold or not. I have withdrawal symptoms.

You may be asking how this post about CoH relates to Fashion Friday. Well, since day one, I have been remarking and keeping mental notes about the other heroes I see within the game and more specifically their names and costume that they wear.

Not many people think of CoH as a great game for fashion designing but I can sit for hours, if allowed, dreaming up new costumes and names to go with that toon. The design I originally made up for Cyn-ful (my main toon) took a while to perfect, but as I received tokens for new tailoring sessions and additional slots, I have revised and revised again. After all a girl, even if she is a SuperHero, can never have too many clothes. In my last alteration I even bid on demonic wings. * cough * (300,000 influence) * cough * This metamorphosis seems to be my favourite of all.

Anyway, I am going to show you The (not so) Good, The Bad, and The Ugly in fashion within Paragon City.

Today I am concentrating on several male SuperHeroes that I have encountered.

DISCLOSURE: If these toons are yours, you have to understand that this is all “in my humble opinion” and you can rebut my analysis in the comment section if you would like.

Meet Edgar Allan Bow…(ignore the fairy behind him)

2009-02-26 22:26:36

I like the name because of it’s creativity and along with the cravat and the facial pallor it definitely reminds me of a Poe-esque character, but I seem to picture this toon fighting crime and battling Devouring Earth with a pen and not a bow. The pen is mightier than the bow. Isn’t that the expression? [Edit by HerGeek:  OK, this one made me laugh.  I would totally team up with Edgar Allen Bow.  I think we should come up with a literary super-team!]

Introducing Bear Cub….

2009-02-26 21:12:55

I wonder where his mother is because every one knows the mother bear is never far away and she is the strong defender. What is the little cub going to do agains the werewolves? And, I ask, what is with that tiny head?

Queue the music…..

2009-02-26 22:27:22

And here, dancing for your pleasure is Klint who appears to be Brokeback Mountain meets The Chippendale dancers. Cyn-ful expected him to either lasso her, grind and strip to a leather g-string, or give her a lap dance.

You may have the same sort of opinions on my toon and I welcome you to find Cyn-ful in City of Heroes and grab a screenshot of her fighting or flying and post about her as well…First Amendment rights apply, but think you will find her as colour coordinated and sinful as her name states.

Happy Fashion Friday!