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Tabletop Thursday – That’s My Girl!

Posted in Tabletop Thursday with tags , , , on January 29, 2009 by hergeek

So we were playing D&D 4E this week.  I’m GMing, running Keep on the Shadowfell. The players are my wife (cleric) and one of her friends (rogue), two gaming buddies (fighter and warlock), and my 13 year old daughter (wizard).

Now my daughter has been fairly disengaged in the game, just pretty much standing in the back of the group and using magic missile over and over again, with the occasional thunderwave if beasties get too close. I’ve been encouraging her to look at all of her spells, see if she can figure out a good way to use some of her other abilities, but so far it has really been “Magic Missile, Magic Missile, Magic Missile”.

So last night, they are venturing into the undead part of the keep. They plowed through a group of zombies with little to no problems, thanks to a couple of criticals dropping the big zombies and the Fighter Cleaving the zombie rotters. They boldly strode into the next room, where they were faced with a long narrow room with a glow from the far end, and sarcophagi lining the walls. Cautiously, expecting a trap, they moved in a clump down the room when suddenly with a series of explosive bangs the lids on the coffins all explode outward and skeletons appear. The group is halfway down the room, surrounded by skeletons.

Where's Jason???

Where's Jason???

I put the skeletons on the mapboard, initiative is rolled, and my daughter ended up with the first action. She pulls out her cards, and has a green one in her hand. I’m thinking “Yep. Magic Missile, ” Then she pauses, and really gives the mapboard a look. She puts the green card back in her hand, and looks at me.

“These skeletons down here,” she said, gesturing down the room behind the party,”What do they look like?”

“Well, they are a bunch of nasty looking skeletons. They aren’t moving really that fast, and they are armed with longsword and shield.”

“OK…what about the ones in front of us? What do they look like?”

“Well, most look the same, but there are two in front that in addition to the sword and shield they have the tattered remains of armor on them, and appear to be a bit better put together.”

She pauses and thinks, and looks at her stack of cards. Looks at the map again, smiles, pulls out a her black card and says, “I’ll cast Freezing Cloud.” Still smiling, she points to a square on the map board just outside of the party. “Right there. It’s a burst 2, so that will get all four of these skeletons, who I assume are minions, and hopefully that will take out a few of them”

Everyone looks at her, and I smile, and I say “OK, lets make your attack rolls.”

“And, to make sure I hit well, I’m going to use my wand of accuracy power, which will give me an additional +3 on my rolls. I want to hit these guys hard!”

And she did. She immediately dropped 3 of the six skeletons at that end of the room, and when the skeletons had their round the cloud was still in effect, and took down the other three. Then, since the cloud remained until the end of her next turn, when 2 more skeletons appeared from the sarcophagi at the beginning of the round, they appeared right in the middle of the cloud and were dropped immediately.

She then stayed in the rearguard, taking down any new skeletons that appeared with thunderwave and magic missile, and let the rest of the party take down the bigger, nastier skeleton warriors. Everyone in the group congratulated her on what a great job she did. By herself she took down 15 of the 18 minions they faced. When she went to bed, she gave me a hug, and I said “That was really smart, using your freezing cloud right there. That fight would have been a lot tougher if you hadn’t tried that out, especially since Mom was rolling so badly. (Missed every single target with her turn undead)” She just smiled, gave me a kiss and said “I can’t wait until next Monday to find out what’s behind the next door!”