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We-view – Doe-eyed Adventurers

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When you get served lemons you make lemonade.” –Unknown

Cooper, Joss, Becka, and Benny are four very adventurous children and in New Brighton Archeological Society-The Castle of Galomar these four children enter into a world filled with magic, fairies, goblins, and assorted odd creatures illustrating the classic themes of good vs. evil, and friendship with a good dose of problem solving.


In 2007, Mark Andrew Smith, the author of this graphic novel, said, “…I wanted to do an adventurer type of story with some kids for an all ages’ audience where it’s a lot of fun but also has a great mood and tone to it.”

Like many stories with adventurous children, Tale of Unfortunate Events comes to mind, Brighton Society begins with a tragedy. The children’s parents, four explorers, supposedly plummet to their untimely deaths while exploring a icy tundra. The kids are sent to their godparents where their parents lives while they were growing up.

Being the children of explorers, they immediately begin to explore their new environment and find, after taking a tumble into a shaft covered with snow, a hidden library cum clubhouse belonging to their parents. This discovery sparks something within the kids, who find themselves, delving into books, papers, photographs, and trinkets left by their parents.

Soon we find the young explorers venturing into the forest, around the estate and encounter Mitch, a goblin who befriended their parents years ago and now invites the doe-eyed children into the goblin kingdom and with the help of his parents, tells them the goblin history.

Ice cream serving ghosts, fairies doused with syrup preventing them from flying, and a butterscotch addicted goblin all combined for a fun reading experience for anyone 6 to 60.

I give it 4.5 PRADAs.



Miscellany Monday – A Good Beginning

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Good seasons start with good beginnings.” –George “Sparky” Anderson

In the past five or so years, the movie industry has become obsession with the comic book industry and the movies that they have produced have grow in popularity. With the popularity of the movies, the comic book industry has become more mainstream and less taboo, but to me comic books were for a less sophisticated palette—sounds snobbish, but I can admit now that I was wrong.

Like me, you may feel that the idea of picking up a comic book for alternative reading is overwhelming. Unless that is you have a recommendation from another source—like your geek.

Choosing an issue of the X-Men #87 or Spider-Man #212 will most definitely leave you befuddled and confused with unfamiliar characters and without the knowledge of a lengthy back story (a term I learned from My Geek).

I have put together a few tips that might assist someone, like me, who wants to jump in and discover the wonderfully entertaining past-time of comic book reading.

Start with a graphic novel

Many comic books eventually become graphic novels. A graphic novel can be either a stand alone book or a collection of comic books put together in the form of a book. While one may argue that the graphic novel is the same as reading a serialized comic book, there is one major difference. The graphic novel is an easier form with which to begin because the you get the entire story in a book instead of waiting from month to month to read the complete story.

There are many to choose from. A few of the most popular and my favourites are Watchmen, Y: The Last Man, and Ex Machina. If you begin with volume 1 you can get a good taste of the story without investing months of time.

Talk to Someone

Getting information from someone you know, trust, and who has the same “likes” as you can provide you with a wealth of information.

My Geek started me out slowly with a graphic novel and I progressed from them to the serialized comic books. He knew what I liked and from our conversations he gleaned information he could use to offer me the best information.

Another alternative, if you have the nerve (which I still don’t have), is to talk to your local comic book store owner. Most store owners are fonts of information and appreciate the business the new reader brings to their store.  [Edit – As well as the eye candy!  – Her Geek]

Branching Out

Once you have found a genre or character that you like, via the graphic novel, it is time to branch out to the serialized comic book. A large number of comic book publishers offer a wide variety of comic books ranging in genre from comedic, western, horror, action-adventure, and beyond. While DC and Marvel are the largest of the publishers, you will inevitably come across a other publishers’ publications that will attract your attention. Don’t be afraid to try one.

By doing your research and starting with some any comic book that catches your attention (by genre, story, character, or art) and that does not require prerequisite knowledge you may find that the $3 investment will lead you into another time and place—a place that you may enjoy for months and years to come.