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We-view Wednesday – Finding Comics in Odd Places

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History uses a unit of measure for time that is different from that of the lifespan of the individual, whereas man is only too ready to measure the evolution of history by his own yardstick. –Gustave Stresesmann

I rarely click on advertisements or notices that are on the sidebars of web pages but after seeing this link in a few places, in my Internet travels, I did indeed click. I am now glad that I did.

When I clicked I was transported to a site dedicated to online comics, Zuda Comics. The comic that I found was a short 8 page spread, that I wanted to continue way past the frames provided. What I found was Lifespan.

Thought provoking are the words that come to mind. I was drawn into the story immediately it held my attention and I wanted more when I was done reading.

In the world of Lifespan; money no longer exists as currency and is replaced with the estimated human life expectancy. For instance, if you have been dreaming about that large house on the cul-de-sac your liability for your dream will be a few years off your life. This gives a new meaning to the expression “enjoy it while you can”.

Written and produced online by Shannon Cronin and Christopher Steininger, Lifespan does have its problems, but the possibilities, once elaborated on and fleshed-out, could make this a true jewel.

It is worth taking 6 minutes to read and ponder on for another 6 minutes.

I give Lifespan 3 PRADAS for its possibilities and the way that it provokes further thought.