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Fashion Friday – Must Be Marni!

Posted in Fashion Friday with tags , , , , , on May 15, 2009 by thegeekwearsprada

Fall Accessories

My favourite season is Fall. There is a freshness to Fall, the cooler temperatures and the beautiful breeze off the Atlantic clearing out the humidity. It is the time for harvest and abundance. This fall the abundance will come in the form armfuls of and necklines filled with accessories—chunky wood bangles, resin or acrylic cuffs, and beaded neck pieces. Jewelry will be supersized.

I always want to harvest all the new trends but I tend to get only a few, quality things to add to my existing wardrobe—pieces that will move to another season or used differently in the next year or two.

The colour palette in the fall also changes. The colours are gentle and comforting, and we move away from the pops of bright colours into palettes of earth tones and muted colours from the sea.


From Marni to Marc Jacobs, the jewelry is highly appealing, next season, with its bold size and multiple pieces worn together creating a cascade of items and colours.

Check out other previews of the trends to find that one speecial piece that you will add to your wardrobe.