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Tabletop Thursday – Painting Prussians

Posted in Tabletop Thursday with tags , , , on February 5, 2009 by hergeek

They stood there in a line.  10 of them, all mocking me with their greyness and their itty-bitty details.  The drummer with his drum.  The grizzled veteran with his itty-bitty pipe [GWP Note: ahhh that is sad that he has an itty-bitty pipe].  The commander with his cords and belt.  I looked, and despaired.

I haven’t put sable to pewter in over five years.  I was daunted by the task in front of me.  I had pulled my painting station out of the storage cubbyhole it was in.  My brushes were all in their stands, ready.  I had found and organized my paints…Games Workshop, Vallejo, Ral Partha.  Many of the pots of paint were dried up and were pitched.  But I had the colors I needed.  Elf Grey.  Dwarf Flesh.  Royal Blue.  Blood Red.  Gunmetal.  Shining Silver.  Burnished Gold.  Black and White.

My pallet was set.  Paper towels at hand.  Cups of water for cleaning.  Uniform guide on the table.  The light was poor, but I set up a couple of goose neck lamps and it was going to be workable.  I turned on the TV, put in a movie that I knew just to have something playing in the background.

And I sat there.  Not wanting to start, because I knew I was going to suck.

But finally, I picked up my standard brush, dropped some Dwarf Flesh into the pallet, followed by a drop of water to thin it.  I grabbed the Prussian with the pipe. Licked the brush to draw it to a fine point, dipped it in the paint, and started with his hands.

Two hours later, I have 10 Prussians with poorly painted hands and faces, and grey pants.

It’s a start…