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Miscellany Monday – Descent into Geekdom

Posted in Miscellany Monday with tags , , , , on January 19, 2009 by thegeekwearsprada

Almost two years ago, I came to know a manly geek. We “met” through a blog where we were surprisingly both regulars.

Even though, My Geek, as I refer to him, and I do not have much in common, other than that we are both married (to different people), our relationship evolved from instant messaging and e-mails to texts and phone calls.

In the beginning of our IM/e-mail relationship, he would tell me about his geeky IT job, computers, his toys, and comic books, while I would tell him about PRADA, Pottery Barn, and Martha Stewart. We did our fair share of eye rolling and laughs over the interests of the other and a relationship grew out of what in reality shouldn’t have.

We became friends.

Without really realizing it, some of his interests slowly crept their way into my life. It started gradually with a online comic that he talked about. One day, I decided to take a look at it and ended up reading the entire Girl Genius comic, four years worth, over a weekend. So now every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, My Geek and I had something more to discuss—something that we both enjoy and not scoff.

The next geeky thing to invade my life was the graphic novel Watchmen. I was too chicken to go and buy it in the store that I decided to purchase it online through Amazon. After thinking it further through, I didn’t want it on my permanent record, so to speak, so I volunteered someone else to buy it for me.

This blog will record my descent into geekdom—my involuntary slide to the other side without losing my girlishness and my love for PRADA and Yves Saint Laurent Red Temptation lipstick.