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Tabletop Thursday – Siblings

Posted in Tabletop Thursday with tags , , , on March 5, 2009 by hergeek

On Sunday I was looking to do something with my kids…girls aged 13 and 9, and a son that is 6.  I’ve been wanting to play more of my boardgames with them, but I need to find something that is a good mix, and across those ages that can get tricky.  I’ve been wanting to teach them Agricola for a while, but that can get kind of deep and take a couple of hours, despite the fact that it is a game about farming.

So what I settled on was breaking out my new copy of Talisman and giving that a go.  Cause really, at the heart of it, Talisman is just playing a game of Sorry, but adding in swords and dragons and undead.


Since reading is involved, we decided that the six year old would play with me.  Together we chose the Dwarf, cause according to my son, he looked tough, and has a big axe.  We would soon find out looks can be deceiving.  For my girls, though, there were only two characters that were female, and they just COULDN’T play an ucchy boy!  So after some wrangling, Eldest decided on playing the EVIL Sorceress (cause she thought it would be fun to be evil for once in her life), and Middle took the Prophetess.

She does look evil, doesn't she?

She does look evil, doesn't she?

We decided to just play to a time limit, and whoever had the most points in stats, gold, items and followers at the end of it would be the winner, instead of trying to get into the complexities of leaving the Outer Realms and moving into the Inner Realms to finally brave the guardians with the Crown of Command and blasting all of your opponents to shreds.

Now, being a veteran of the original Talisman, I knew that this game is a fickle, fickle game, and that luck meant everything in it.  And it proved me right, in that Youngest and myself got our butts kicked all over the board.  Every single Adventure Card that we turned over was stronger than us, so we would get stomped and have to wander around until we could get healed.

Eldest and Middle were having a ball though, and they really got into role playing their characters, with Eldest cackling evilly every time she did something, well, evil, and Middle playing the Prophetess and flighty and airy (which, if you know Middle, isn’t really that much of a stretch).  Middle would avoid combat at all cost, and using the special ability of the Prophetess (which appears to be as broken in this version as in the original version) soon had a big pile of gold, weapons, magic items, and followers.  And true to Middle’s style, all of here followers were things like Unicorns and Princes and Princesses.  She turned down one follower because he was too ugly.

And then, once she realized she was more powerful than her sister…the fun truly began.  One time one of her rolls gave her the option of going into the same space as her sister, so she did, wandering down the board singing “La la la la!”  She got into the space, and the following exchange took place.

Middle:  “Hi!  I’m Abby, the Prophetess, and these are my loyal followers!  We’re going on a picnic!  What’s your name?  Care to join us?”

Eldest [looking haughtily down her nose]:  “Don’t touch me.”

Middle [grinning]:  “Poke!!!”


And for the rest of the game, Middle would follow Eldest around, landing in the same space as her time after time, with the exact same exchange taking place.  Middle ended up winning, both in points and the game, and in sister tormenting points.  She wants to play again real soon.

So do I.