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Miscellany Monday – Dr. Dubai?

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There was a competition to come up with a soaring structure for the Zaabeel Park in Dubai. Vision Division of Sweden came up with a structure based on Al Hakawati (a storyteller). Al Hakawati  was and remains a fixed figure in Arabic speaking communities. These storytellers carry on the tradition of orally broadcasting traditional stories in the evening in an open areas of the towns, reciting from memory epics of Arabic lore.

The statue will be the home of a library for children in the base and will recite stories and historical information, accessible to the general public via speakers placed all over the park. The statue will have other large public areas for reading, relaxing, and for social gatherings. Sunlight will pour in through window openings perforating the walls creating a bright indoor environment.

The statue will be designed with special joints so that the head and arms will be able to move, much like the joint in the double-length buses seen around the world. The arm and head movement will be controlled by computers and will have prerecording movements for different effects.

I think the design firm must a have a deep seated fascination for Watchmen and Dr. Manhattan because this statue looks very much like that character to me, minus the blue tint.

You decide.


Miscellany Monday – Close Encounters

Posted in Miscellany Monday on May 4, 2009 by thegeekwearsprada

I hope everyone had the opportunity to share Free Comic Book Day with someone they love. Late in the day, via phone, I went to a comic book store with Her Geek.

I really feel uncomfortable at the comic book store and it might be (probably is) of my own making. Maybe if I dressed appropriately and smelled appropriately and acted appropriately, I would feel more comfortable but I really can’t change my PRADA wearing self any more then the nerds that frequent the comic book store can change themselves. What I could do, however, is to tone myself down.

Since I was in the Tampa Bay area visiting my parents, I had not been to this store before so I tried to be a bit more approachable to the people that surrounded me, thinking that I would fit in more. That meant; I did not wear fancy clothing and in my estimation I dressed down—jeans with a hole on the thigh and rather tattered on the bottom, solid colour, non-embellished tank top, and flip flops.


Down to earth.


As soon as I walked in to the large, crowded store I was immediately overwhelmed by the reek of the unwashed bodies that were meandered between the displays of comic books, gaming supplies, and the large selection of toys and collectibles. I think I must have been the only person there that showered that morning and the perfume that in Husband’s words made me smell tasty was lost in the stereotypical scent of ripe geeks.

I took the long walk, passed the recommended titles, passed 2 men about half my age, and on to the comic books along the wall. The two men looked at me briefly and in turn I smiled at them (my normal friendly smile) and quickly they diverted their eyes back to the comics they were perusing.

Deeply engrossed in an issue of Red Sonja another man stood as a barricade, blocking my way to my target location.

“Excuse me,” I said.

He neither looked up nor moved. I repeated myself, this time louder. He looked up casually, slowly, and then looked as startled as a deer caught in the headlights of a car on a dark country road. The deer wasn’t expecting the car and this man did not expect me. He didn’t know what to do or, I think, what to make of me, the only female in the store. It was as if he had never seen a woman before. I smiled and that shocked him into the understanding that he was in my way. He backed away so quickly from the wall that he nearly bumped into the display behind him. I clenched my lips together so I didn’t laugh and managed a sympathetic smile, not wanting to spook him further.

I made my way from comic books to graphic novels to gaming and back again to comic books, picking up a few things here and there and listening to the Her Geek in my ear. With each step I took, I found myself around different men with different geek stereotypes; bad hair, ill styled and ill fitting clothes, poor hygiene routines. When not in the immediate vicinity of geeks, I felt their gaze from behind shelves and behind books. I honestly do not think that I was being paranoid nor do I think so highly of myself that stares from strangers would be warranted.

Finding a few things that interested me or were recommended to me I journeyed to pay for the items that I held. I said hello and smiled at the guy that looked like John Lennon, circa 1972, behind the computer terminal. It appeared that he was internally daring himself to look at me, let alone smile. “Should I? Shouldn’t I? Should I? Shouldn’t I?”

Shouldn’t I won out.

I put the books on the counter and handed him my credit card. He tentatively took my card and began purchasing process. When the purchase was complete. He held my card out to me, thanked me, and in the split second when we were both holding on to the bag that contained my books, he looked at me. I smiled and thanked him and his lips took a decidedly upward turn but alas the smile was not meant to be. He turned away and thanked me back from behind the safety of his diverted eyes.

Miscellany Monday – Only 5 days until…

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I am going to a store on Saturday. Not to the grocery store. Not for Neiman-Marcus for shoes or clothing (I know that is a shock). So what store am I going to? The comic book store.

May 2nd is Free Comic Book Day. It is only 5 days away! I will be heading to my friendly local comic book store. This is a day for your inner geek to come out but more importantly this is a family event. Children of all ages can find something appealing to pick up.

This year there is a large selection of free publications and something for just about everyone: from classic Archie Comics, to the very popular comic books like Wolverine from Marvel. But also there is a selection of lesser know titles like NASCAR Heroes: Origins #1 from Starbridge Media (the one that I want to pick up).

And they can be yours for free!

There are a total of 42 comic books available and not only that—your local comic book store will most likely have other events and maybe even addition special offers. So this day is more than just a free comic book. This day is an chance for you to spread your geekiness to you children–beyond the world of video games into a world of imagination, interesting stories, incredible art, and as an educator, the most important thing is the opportunity for reading together.

Find out what your local store has to off and I will see you out on  May 2nd.

Miscellany Monday – Help HerGeek Choose A Board!

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OK, so I’m at a deadlock.  I can’t decide which Crokinole board to buy.  I like all four of the ones I’m going to post below equally well, so I will now turn to you, the three readers we have, to determine which board I am going to get.  The finalists are listed below:


The "Eagle" Tournament - Red Ditch

"The Executive" Walnut Sunburst Octagonal

"The Executive" Walnut Sunburst Octagonal

The "Eagle" Tournament - Green Ditch

The "Eagle" Tournament - Green Ditch

The "Eagle" Walnut Sunburst

The "Eagle" Walnut Sunburst

I’ll keep the poll active for a week, and see what the masses have to say.  And if so inclined, chime in on the comments section and let me know why you chose the one you did.

[Edit:  It appears that some folks are having problems with the poll, not being able to actuall enter their choice.  If you run acros this, just leave a quick comment about your choice.  Thanks!]

Miscellany Monday – Take Me Out to the Ballgame…

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Today is the Cub’s home opener.   And I was supposed to be there, but instead am at work, working on a blog toiling away.  It’s been a tradition for years, where my best buddy would get tickets for the game and we would go and freeze our asses off watching the first game at Wrigley.  This is the first time I’ve ever missed it, and I must say I have mixed emotions.

First off,  I don’t have much use for the game of baseball.  And when I say that, I mean sitting at home and watching a game on TV.  I love going to Wrigley Field, or to any of a number of minor league team games like the Madison Mallards, sitting in the stands with a soft drink, a bag of peanuts and a couple of dogs, and soaking up the sun and kind of paying attention to the game.  If I’m at the game, I have a vested interest.  On the TV, not so much.  But I’m like that with every sporting event, so I guess it’s just that I don’t have much use for televised sports.

Second, I don’t like the Cubs.  If I have a team that I root for, it’s the St. Louis Cardinals, but I view them in a very detached, abstract sort of way, like I’ll check their standings every month or so, or find out how they are doing when I call my brother (who is a baseball nut).  This support of the Cards came from where I grew up, so I come into my dislike of the Cubs honestly…I inherited it from my dad, much like my male pattern baldness.  (And actually, my grandfather is such a Cards fan that my dad was named after two of the Card’s Gashouse Gang.  And as such, so was I.)

Third, opening day is always COLD.  ALWAYS.  Last year was the warmest I can remember, and that was about 55 degrees, and it was rainy.  I have been to opening days where it snowed.  Today, not only is it cold, but it is rainy.  Now back in the old days, my buddy would always get tickets back in the mezzanine, so we would be somewhat sheltered.  But since he has now moved up in the corporate world, he now gets REALLY good tickets, usually about 5-6 rows back from the Cubs dugout, not 20 yards from the field.  Perfect seats, for a cloudless day in June.  In early April, not so much.

And yet, I do wish I was there, sitting with him in the cold, wearing layers and ponchos and freezing out asses off.  Because it is something we do.  Something we have always done.  Meet at Wrigley field early, and force our way into the overpacked Murphy’s Bleachers to breakfast on a brat with kraut.  Buy peanuts from the vendor outside, cause they are cheaper that way.  Talk about how much work sucks.  Bitch about our wives.  Buy each other drinks and dogs and cracker jack.  Freeze our asses off, and have a great time doing it.

Stupid work.

Miscellany Monday – Return to Middle Earth

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GWP and my schedules have been really off for the past couple of weeks, so there as been no City of Heroes for us for a while.  No doubt the thugs of Paragon City have been running rampant since Clockwork Guardian and Cyn-ful have been on their hiatus.

To help fill some time, I decided to re-install Lord of the Rings Online and play around with it for a while.  I got into LotRO during it’s beta, and instantly fell in love with it.  I loved it so much that at launch I bought a lifetime subscription to the game.  After launch, I played for a few weeks, got my highest level character up to about level 16, and then kind of put it aside.  Just found it boring.  I was only doing solo stuff, and the kinship I was in didn’t seem to really be working, and I never got in any good fellowships.  It just wasn’a as much fun as CoH.

I was hearing some good buzz about the game, and wanted to see if maybe I didn’t give it enough of a chance, or if they had added or changed enough that I could get into it again.   And I have to say, it didn’t.  As I was running around, trying out being a loremaster and a bard and a hunter, I was struck by the fact that, while the enviroments are beautiful, and the world is vibrant, the characters are, well, dull.  Compared to the choices that you have in City of Heroes, both in costume and character/power/ability choices, you seem so limited in LotRO.  I just found it…boring.

I can’t wait for GWP to come back.  I need to get back to bashing Rikti…

Miscellany Monday

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Since I am on my way home today from Wyoming, I have no time and no idea for today’s post.

Girl Genius to the rescue after all, it is important to be safe from the fashion police. No one wants a ticket for wearing the wrong shoes. LOL


See you later today, back at home.